CCA in the Community

CCA in the Community

As local residents of the Baltimore and surrounding areas in Maryland, our team of advisors and staff are all very active in the community, serving on boards, volunteering, and giving back by donating our time and resources. 

Baltimore is our home, and it’s important to our team to give back to the place we live and work!

CCA is Proud to Support

Managing partner Charlie Maskell volunteering as a kitchen intern.
“From the very start of CCA, we have been fully committed to our community.  Not only do we share CCA’s treasure, we ask every one of our teammates to commit their time and treasure to the community as well.  Most CCA teammates would say that our commitment to the community is one of the reasons why they value being a part of the CCA team.”
Charlie Maskell, Founder & Managing Director
One of the things that really stands out to me about CCA is the Firm’s commitment to bettering our community.  Most of our team grew up in the Baltimore area and giving back to our community is really important to everyone.  I love that we don’t just show this by making donations to organizations.  Donations are important but we really try to engage with organizations, to learn more about what they do, how they help people, and how we can get involved.  We find ways to come together to work with organizations to make an impact.
Heather Brake, Director
Heather Brake, Charlie Maskell, Frank Ihle, and Martin O'Neill volunteering.

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