CCA Launches New Service Offering for Cash Flow Planning

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by | Apr 13, 2020


CCA has formalized a new service offering to assist business owners to forecast and optimize their cash flow and liquidity during these critical times.

As a Business Owner, you are probably experiencing some of the most stressful times you can remember. The evolving COVID-19 situation has caused significant economic uncertainty and liquidity challenges for many of our clients. Here is how we are helping them, and how we can help you.


Chesapeake Corporate Advisors is Helping Our Clients by:


  • Assisting with Immediate Liquidity Challenges –We are working with business owners to apply for stimulus funds, streamline their business models and preserve capital and liquidity in many different ways. For some it has become a “triage” situation, and for others a chance to revisit assumptions.
  • Easing the Fear of the Unknown –Over the past several weeks, we have been there to listen to our clients. Many business owners are afraid of what the future may hold –a prolonged health crisis, a global recession –the unknown. While we cannot predict the future, we can help you establish a financial “roadmap” to provide direction.
  • Planning for Various Outcomes –While no one knows how long this COVID-19 situation will last, or what the “new normal” may look like, we believe in planning for multiple scenarios across multiple timelines, and that flexibility is a key component of any plan. Our models are designed to test various sensitivities and answer all of the “What If’s?”.
  • Providing Resource Allocation Guidance –At a time when liquidity is at a premium, properly managing your Company’s resources is absolutely critical. We can help you as you consider difficult resource allocation decisions involving people, working capital, capex –or even how to best allocate new stimulus funds.
  • Positioning the Company –At CCA data is our “North Star” and through our experience and proprietary tools and methodologies, we can help you position (or reposition) your Company to face these times of uncertainty with a focus on preserving shareholder value.

CCA is Prepared to Help You:


  • Quickly assess your current liquidity position and identify critical risks;
  • Advise and provide guidance as your deal with your Bank;
  • Develop cash flow projection models so we can plan for downside “What If?” scenarios;
  • Develop immediate term 30-60-90 Day Plans to help you optimize and manage cash flow; and
  • Document the financial plan to guide you and your lender through these times of uncertainty.

For an example Case Study of how we are helping a current client that has been impacted by COVID-19 [click here]

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