Heather Brake


Heather Brake

In her quest to help CCA clients grow and thrive, one of the most important skills that Heather Brake relies on is listening. “I listen closely to each client’s objectives and work hard to develop solutions that meet those objectives,” she says. Her methodical approach, attention to detail, and candor enable Heather to succeed in this important endeavor. 

Since joining CCA in 2010, Heather has provided corporate advisory services to countless middle market companies across a wide range of industries in the mid-Atlantic region. She specializes in developing complex financial models that help business owners see how changes in different variables can impact their company finances over time, which is critical to making the most informed decisions.   

CCA clients know they can rely on Heather for strategies that will help them build and enhance their value and transition the business to a new owner or the next generation when the time is right. She is especially adept at developing business valuations for both strategic and fair market value engagements, creating growth initiatives and roadmaps, conducting strategic assessments, improving profitability, and guiding succession planning.  Heather holds a B.S. in business management from Bucknell University and a MBA with a concentration in finance from Loyola University Maryland, and is pursuing the American Society of Appraisers designation in Business Valuation. 

On the personal side… 

Heather loves to experience different cultures and ways of life, so her travels tend to take her far and wide. Her favorite destinations so far include Thailand, Cambodia, and Greece, the latter being where she honeymooned.     

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