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by | Apr 16, 2020


As a Business Owner, you are probably experiencing some of the most stressful times you can remember. The evolving COVID-19 situation has caused significant economic uncertainty and liquidity challenges for many of our clients. Here is how we are helping them, and how we can help.

Chesapeake Corporate Advisors is Helping Our Clients by:


  • Easing the Fear of the Unknown –Many business owners are afraid of what the future may hold. The law of inertia says your current direction will be your future direction unless acted upon by an outside force. While we cannot predict the future, we can help you as that outside force and establish a “roadmap” to provide direction coming through, and out of, this crisis.
  • Developing Strategic Initiatives –While no one knows how long this COVID-19 situation will last, or what the “new normal” may look like, we can guide you through a planning process which envisions a future through a lense of alternatives.
  • Positioning the Company –At CCA data is our “North Star”. Our planning starts and is grounded in your current financial situation and then continues by determining the factors that are critical to your success, your goals and objectives, the strategies required to meet those objectives and finally an action plan to implement each strategy.


CCA’s Strategy Offering-

An intense planning process designed to establish a clear direction and create alignment among the company’s leadership. The lack of a clear, concise, and actionable direction often leaves company leadership rudderless.

CCA’s four-step process, grounded in data, will create three to five transformational initiatives. These strategic initiatives will be based on your current situation, the market conditions, and your long-range objectives. When executed, each initiative will stabilize you during and prepare you for the end of COVID-19.

To view our 4-Step Strategic Process [click here].

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